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Design & Manufacturing of a 150
Ton Coil Press for the Electrical Power
Transformer Industry

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Design and Manufacturing of a Foil Coil Winder for the Electrical Distribution Transformer Industry
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Design and Manufacturing of a Foil Coil Winder for the Electrical Distribution Transformer Industry

This hydraulic coil press was designed and manufactured by ETSM Technical Services, Ltd. for use in coil winding applications by the electrical power transformer industry. It was manufactured using CNC machining, laser cutting, and MIG metal core welding. Every part of the machine was fabricated. Specifications included 150 ton capacity, four pillar type down stroking, 1800mm per minute travel speed and 10mm per minute pressing speed. This machine includes 12" color touch screen interface controls, a final height and tonnage report that is emailed to the user, two beacon lights that go on during operation, a warning buzzer before motion commences, and a four-foot light curtain on the open side. We will build to your supplied specifications, and also to Ontario Press Code specifications and CSA electrical standards. We offer on-site commissioning and start-up. Ship time for this project was four months to Ontario, Canada.

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Project Highlights for the Design & Manufacturing of a 150 Coil Press

Product Description ETSM Designed and manufactured this coil press for use within a coil winding application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Create Concepts
  • Create 3D CAD Models and CAD Detail Drawings
  • Finite element analysis
  • Design Certification by Ontario Engineer
  • Design & Engineering Approved by Client Prior to Manufacturing
  • (2) Copies of Operating and Maintenance Manuals
  • Copy of Engineering Structural Calculations
  • Copy of Engineered Safety Design
  • Copy of Calibration Report
  • Flame Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Laser Cutting
  • MIG Metal Core Welding
  • Powder Coating
Rigging & Installation
On-Site Commissioning & Start-Up
System Specifications
150 Ton Capacity
Four Pillar Type Down Stroking
2000mm x 2000mm Platen Size
Pressing from Top Side
2300mm Main Ram Stroke
1800mm/min Travel Speed
10mm/min Pressing Speed
30 Min. Max. Pressure Retention Time
Tonnage Tolerance
  • ±.5 Ton up to 25 Ton
  • ±2 Ton 25 to 150 Ton
Winding Diameter:
  • 350mm Min.
  • 1600mm Max.
Digital Display Pressure Gauge
12" Color Touch Screen Interface
Final Height and Tonnage Report Emailed to Recipient
2 Beacon Lights During Operation and Warning Buzzer Before Motion Commences
E-Stop Buttons
4 Foot Light Curtain on Open Side
Built to Ontario Press Code Specifications
Access to Press to be Controlled w/ a Safety Fence and Light Curtain
Electrical Inspection Included
Manufacturing Tightest Tolerances Typical Machine Tolerance ±.001"
Materials Used Steel
Bronze Bushings
Material Finish Powder Coated
In process testing/inspection performed Equipment Set-Up and Tested at ESTM's Facility
Calibrated Load Cell Verification of Operating Parameters
Industry for Use Electrical Power Transformer Industry
Delivery Time 4 Months
Delivery Location Ontario, Canada
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
Built to Ontario Press Code Specifications
Electrical standards-CSA
Product Name 150 Ton Hydraulic Coil Press

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