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Manufacturing of Horizontal/Vertical
Winding Mandrels for the Electrical
Power Transformer Industry

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Vertical Winding Mandrels

These 16 winding mandrels were built for use in a coil winding application in utility power transformer manufacturing. They were manufactured with CNC machining and MIG welding by certified welders. Every part of the machine was fabricated. Heavy duty models used pre-stressed tie-rod design to reduce deflection under load, and also included mechanical screw adjustment and umbrella linkages. Accessories included an uprighting fixture, complete with outboard stand, locking pins to secure mandrels in the upright position, and 90° mandrel adjustment (operated with an electrical hand tool). Other accessories were coil supports and coil support bracket sets that worked on a full range of winding mandrels, and mandrel storage racks built to hold three mandrels in fabricated structural tubes. Ship time was 20 weeks to Savannah, Georgia (USA). We will manufacture to your supplied specifications.

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Project Highlights for Manufacturing of Horizontal/Vertical Winding Mandrels

Product Description ETSM manufactured 16 horizontal/vertical winding mandrels for use within a coil winding application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Create Concepts
  • Create 3D CAD Models and CAD Detail Drawings
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Operation/Installation Manual
  • Calibration Reports
  • Flame Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • MIG welding
  • Powder Coating
  • 1 Year From Commissioning
Mandrel Specifications
Diameter: Ø300mm to Ø1,700mm
Length: 3,240 mm
Weight Capacity: 1,800kg to 6,000kg
Number of BATS: 12 to 32
1 Uprighting Fixture
  • Complete w/ Outboard Stand
  • Locking Pins to Secure Mandrel in Upright Position
  • 90° Mandrel Adjustment Operated w/ Electrical Hand Tool
Mandrel Adjustment Tool
Faceplate & Tailstock Adaptors
Coil Support Bracket Sets
  • Works on A Full Range of Winding Mandrels
Coil Support Mandrel Storage Racks
  • Fabricated Structural Tube
  • Holds 3 Mandrels
  • 12 Locking Pins Per Rack
  • Engineered for Load Rating
Manufacturing Tightest Tolerances Typical Machine Tolerance ±.001"
Materials Used Saddle Type Aluminum Extrusion Polyester Coated
In process testing/inspection performed Load Test for Deflection
Measured Assembled Product to Verify Operational Tolerances.
Industry for Use Utility Power Transformer Manufacturing
Delivery Time 20 weeks
Delivery Location Savannah, Georgia USA
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Horizontal/Vertical Winding Mandrels

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