Powder CoatingOur partnership with Aegis Custom Powder Coaters allows manufacturers and fabricators to focus on core production and defer the powder coating process to a company that not only specializes, but excels in the field. We stand by our word and offer the communication, dependability and quality expected from a custom shop. What sets us apart is our willingness to powder coat a wide variety of colors, textures and glosses as well as accommodate product of all sizes.

We put a priority on customer satisfaction by making sure timelines are honored, no matter how big or small the job. Our experienced staff is always there to help guide you through the process of selecting a finish to best suit your needs.


Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a dry finish process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin that are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a grounded part. The oven curing cycle melts the powder, fusing it to the part. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality finish.

Powder coating looks like paint, but acts like armor. It is tough, durable and can withstand chipping, most chemicals, UV, marring, cracking and blistering. This aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective finish is also environmentally friendly; powder coating means virtually no emissions, solvents or hazardous wastes.

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Project Highlights with Aegis Custom Powder Coaters

Capabilities & Processes Applied
  • Custom Powder Coating
    • Large size paint booth and batch oven
    • Accommodate parts up to 23 feet long and 4.5 feet wide
  • Conveyor Paint Line
    • Handles production volume
    • Accommodates a wide range of part sizes
    • Includes a 5-stage wash
  • Masking
  • Blasting
  • Traceable Quality Control
Industries Served
  • Architectural
    • Flashings
    • Fixtures
    • Extrusions
  • Industrial
    • Castings
    • Machinery
    • Pipes
    • Fittings
  • Commercial
    • Structures
    • Site improvement products
    • Fence and railing
    • Playground equipment
  • Manufacturing
    • Fabrications
    • Weldments
    • Stampings
    • Tubing
  • High Tech
    • Aircraft
    • Military
    • Machined parts
    • Specialty alloys
  • Designers
    • Custom furniture frames
    • Interior/exterior décor
Color Chart

Contact us for a complete listing of available color options.


Aegis Custom Powder Coaters
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