TT5 WinderThe ‘TT5 Winder’ was designed and manufactured by ETSM Technical Services Ltd. for use in the electrical distribution transformer industry. The T5HD winder has a 5 HP electric motor to drive the winding process. This motor drives a multi speed gearbox. The T5HD is equipped with a spring operated disk brake that is released pneumatically. Winding is controlled using a foot pedal that accelerates the winder up to the maximum speed to which the winder is set. There is also an option for the T5HD winder to control a de-reelers functions (by others), via the control panel.


Project Highlights for the TT5 Winder

Capabilities & Processes Applied


  • Create Concepts
  • Create 3D CAD models and CAD detailed drawings
  • Electrical system approval certification by 3rdparty

System Documentation

  • Operation, installation, maintenance manuals
  • Purchased component technical data sheets
  • Electrical/pneumatic schematics
  • CAD detailed drawings
  • Certificates and inspection sheets


  • 1-year from commission


  • CNC machining by certified machinists
  • MIG welding by certified welders
  • Assembly by certified millwrights
  • Laser cutting
  • Powder Coatin
System Specifications

Spindle capacities:

  • 5000 lbf (22,241 N)

Utility Requirements:

  • Electrical: 480 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz / 15 A
  • Air: 80 psi of clean dry compressed air


  • User control panel
  • Foot pedal speed controller and RPM selector
  • Siemens S7-1214  PLC and TP700 HMI
  • ABB ACS550 VFD

Speed settings:

  • AC : 320 RPM
  • BC: 160 RPM
  • AD: 80 RPM
  • BD: 40 RPM

Output Torque:

  • 657 lbf⋅ft @ 40 RPM (calculated)


  • Category 3 safety circuit:
    • Dual channel safety relay
    • Dual contacts in emergency stop devices
    • Dual redundant monitored contactors

Control of auxiliary de-reelers can be incorporated into control panel

System Size

Length: 124.625” (3165 mm)
Depth: 64” (1626 mm)

Height: 42” (1067 mm)
Mass: 1500 lbm (680 Kg)

Manufacturing Tightest Tolerances

Typical Machining Tolerance (+/-) 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Materials Used

HSS Tubing

Purchased Components:
Motors, bearings, fasteners, valves, electrical components etc…

Material Finish

Powder Coated

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

Operational testing

Industry for Use

Electrical Distribution Transformer Industry

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

SPE 1000
CWB Welding Specifications

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