Core Shaping PressThe Core-Shaping Press forms round laminated transformer cores into rectangular shaped cores of variable dimension. This is accomplished by compressing the cores with two independently controlled sets of opposing hydraulic cylinders. A secondary process tightens the internal corner radii by expanding the rectangular cores from within with an additional set of hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders were custom built by ETSM and feature anti-rotation.

Crane loading/unloading of cores is made easy with pivoting sections of the in/out conveyor feeds. This allows transformer cores to be oriented from vertical to horizontal positions. Also, table height in the forming zone can be adjusted allowing cylinder heads to be centered on mid-section of transformer cores. This increases quality of finished product.

Project Highlights for Core Shaping Press

Product Description

The Core Shaping Press was designed and manufactured by ETSM Technical Services Ltd. for use in the electrical distribution transformer industry.

A 10 HP hydraulic power pack with 30 HP VFD powers the system. System relief pressure and minimum holding pressure are set to 1500 and 240 psi, respectively.

Capabilities & Processes Applied


  • Create Concepts
  • Create 3D CAD models and CAD detailed drawings
  • Electrical system approval certification by 3rd party

System Documentation:

  • Operation, installation, maintenance manuals
  • Purchased component technical data sheets
  • Electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic schematics
  • CAD detailed drawings
  • Certificates and inspection sheets


  • 1-year from commission


  • CNC machining by certified machinists
  • MIG welding by certified welders
  • Assembly by certified millwrights
  • Laser cutting
  • Powder Coating
System Specifications


  • Max core diameter: 36” (914 mm)
  • Max core height: 10” (254 mm)
  • Max core weight: 1000 lbf (4448 N)

Utility Requirements:

  • Electrical: 480 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz / 15 A
  • Air: 90 psi of clean dry compressed air


  • User panel with joystick/pushbutton control
  • 2 handed anti-tie down function
  • Mobile core uprighter pendant
  • 10 HP Hydraulic Power Pack with 30 HP VFD
  • Hydraulic cylinders and air springs


  • Hydraulic system relief pressure < 1500 psi
  • Minimum core holding pressure > 240 psi


  • Category 3 safety circuit:
    • Dual channel safety relay
    • Dual contacts in emergency stop devices
    • Dual redundant monitored contactors
  • Guarding
  • 2 handed anti-tie down function

Single or dual core tipper options available

System Size

Length: 318” (8077 mm)

Depth: 92” (2337 mm)

Height: 74” (1880 mm)

Mass: 8500 lbm (3856 kg)

Manufacturing Tightest Tolerances

Typical Machining Tolerance (+/-) 0.001” (0.0254 mm)

Materials Used

HSS Tubing

Purchased Components:

Motors, bearings, fasteners, rollers, valves, electrical components etc…

Material Finish

Powder Coated

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

Operational testing

Industry for Use

Electrical Distribution Transformer Industry

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

SPE 1000
CWB Welding Specifications

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